I’m Jeremy. Not that you really care, or that it even matters. If you’re here, you’re probably here to create a sustainable way to quadruple your money.

Over the years I’ve had my idealistic bubble burst understanding that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Effort and persistence is what gets rewarded, and I’m here to share my experience with you.

Just under a decade ago, I decided to dabble in the stock market. Let’s pour a drink for the now defunct CapitalOne Sharebuilder, RIP, you taught me some hard lessons. One of which was emotional trading. Even if you don’t know what that means, picture this:

A buddy gives you a call telling you about this new sports drink company coming out with a product made of hemp. Your buddy tells you it’s a growing market, you should jump in now, and how rich you’re going to be for getting in early. Hundreds of dollars sunken into a penny stock that’s been pumped and dumped so many times you’re surprised its still listed, you’re still not sunbathing on the yacht you imagined you’d have by now. You still hold on, having faith, sending death stares out into the ether for the universe to drive your beloved stock up, even though the numbers are telling the story of failure.

That was me. Numbers don’t lie.

This example, among others, led to a loss of a few thousand dollars over time. Until I decided to humble myself and take the warm fuzziness out of my trades

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I hope you are enjoying my page everyone! If earning an extra $1,000 a day, a week, or a month could help you pay off your student loans or any other bills you have then stock trading is the option for you. The following steps helped me:

  1. Read Nerd Wallet: How to buy stocks
  2. Practiced using fake money, try: Stock Market Sim

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