Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I Make $1,000 a Day if I buy your Strategy?

Your chances of making $1k a day is dependent on how much money you begin investing with. For example, I invest $10k to start, that means I need to gain 10% on that to make $1k. I usually hit that in less than 30 minutes.
If you invest a smaller amount like $500, and you gain 10% in 30 minutes, you will make $50. The more money you invest, the easier it is to hit $1k. But making $50 in 30 minutes is not bad either. The goal should be to make 3% or more on any money you invest honestly.

2. What's My Strategy?
For my full strategy, you need to buy the PDF. I generally focus on high probability, high volatility stocks. These stocks move extremely fast and are generally under $10. I make a thousand dollars or more in less than 30 minutes by applying my strategy every time.

3. How much capital should I start with?
Only trade with what you’re willing to lose. I highly suggest paper trading (fake money) first to really understand what you’re doing. Start with $500 - $1k and learn to make 10% on your money each day. This way, you will learn when to exit the market and not be greedy. Experienced traders can go with higher amounts, generally between $10k -$25k.

4. Do I lose money often? I do lose money! Lets make that clear. If my stock doesn’t perform the price will drop and I could lose money. I generally set a stop price (stop loss) within the trading platform at 3% of whatever I invest. Ex) If I invest $100, and my money drops to $97, the stock will automatically sell to keep me from losing more money. I highly recommend setting a stop loss to keep you from losing lots of money.

5. What Broker do you recommend?
Fidelity (Retirement) and E-Trade

6. What hours do you trade?
2:55pm ET to 4pm ET. (Powerhour)

7. What Indicators do you use?
1. % change (exact details in strategy)

2. stock charts

8. What books do you recommend reading?
1. How to Buy Stocks (click this link)

2. Grow Your Money by Jonathan Pond

3. The Richest Man in Babylon

4. The 4 Agreements

5. The Intelligent Investor

9. What is a day like in your life?
On a trading day, I wake up: have prayer and meditation. Breakfast is next. I generally go to the gym afterwards. Its about 10am now so I’m probably watching ESPN and figuring out what investment venture I want to try next. After lunch, I’m probably on the phone with family or Twitter. Around 2:30pm, I will get on my laptop to find my stocks I want to invest in (where I select them from is in the PDF). Once I make a selection, I am in and out of the stock market within the 3pm powerhour.

10. Do offer mentoring/ FREE trial?
I currently don’t offer mentoring and there is NO Free trial. Many others have already paid and that wouldn’t be fair to them.

11. What is the Refund Policy?
There is “NO” refund once you buy this product. The knowledge within this PDF can’t be returned once you read it. Therefore, value it!

12. What if I have more questions or have problems?
If you have more questions, please use the contact page or reach out to me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.